Get up and go.

Today was a great day....

I even managed to work out today without Ben. Usually one of us has to motivate the other one to go...but today he worked right after class. So it was up to me. It took me awhile. First I came home and ate lunch. Then I watched a little TV...I think the only things on were Reba and Tyra, haha. What a selection. Then I took my time on the computer until I realized I needed to just get up and go. So I changed and grabbed my shoes and waterbottle. I saw one girl make her way into the gym room before I got there and to be honest I did consider having to not work out if the machines were filled. But unfortunately, and luckily there was an elipitical open. I did my usual routine and as the sweat beaded on my forehead I felt accomplished that I managed to work out even though I was tired from class all day. After stretching and showering I was almost prepared for my next battle of self motivation...studying for my Byzantium history test. After watching funniest home videos with the roommates however, I shut the TV off and began to study. Right now I am taking a little break from studying. The test isn't until thursday, and I don't want to overload on Constantine too early on. My inner nerd finds his life very interesting however.

Tuesday, Tuesday.

Today is a good day. Reasons why I conclude this....

1.) It is sunny

2.) Today I start my new devotional with Ben

3.) I have time to relax and drink coffee this morning.

4.) I got 7 hours of sleep.

5.) No math class today

6.) I have high ambitions to work out by myself after class.

I will let you know the outcome, but so far today is looking lovely.



A Lovely Friend...

I don't know if you know my friend Ellie, but if you do, you know exactly why I am so lucky to have her in my life. She gets me in ways that no one else can. I can be crabby around her and she still loves me. She goes out of her way to encourage me, and I can only hope that I can encourage her in some way in return.

Cinnamon Swirl Toast & Coffee

Going to some friends's bike race later this afternoon. It will be my first experience actually seeing a bike race so it should be interesting. I will load some pics later...After that I'm forcing myself to be holed up at home to do homework. I have way too much reading to get done and as much as I'd like to do numerous other things with my Saturday afternoon I really need to read. If I can stick it out for a good couple hours then i am rewarding myself with going to a play on campus with some friends. Should be a busy day and I already have two loads of laundry going! Productive.....hopefully.

The Date is Set

August 6th, 2010.

A little less then a year away...thankfully the planning has been going along nicely :) I got a lot of things figured out before school started. Now, however that classes and work have begun full swing the planning is crawling along. Oh well, it gives me time to look for new ideas. There is so much information out there....it could easily become overwhelming I'm sure. Well I'm off to sleep, more to update soon!


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