Wednesday Words: Fullness of Joy

This has been my memory verse for the past few days. I find that one of the best ways to make verses stay with me is to incorporate them into my design work. It's a change of pace from baby shower invites, and wedding designs...something that causes me to stop and think about the words I am actually typing. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone. 


A reason to daydream

So months ago I wrote that I was returning to my blog, but needless to say that didn't happen as planned. Things rarely happen as planned it seems and I'm okay with that. My plans are uninspiring in comparison to the things I know are coming.  

I have a wonderful excuse though for my lack of writing. A few weeks after posting my "back to blogging" post I suddenly found myself distracted by something This news suddenly filled up every last space in my brain and I found myself daydreaming instead of writing. For the first few weeks it was our little secret, and it was hard to write about anything else when only one thing was truly worth writing about. Not long after our families shared in our overflowing joy and the "secret" was out. These are the moments where it's as if I am drowning in blessings that are so undeserved, and constantly feel the need to come to the surface to give thanks. 

We are having a baby. 


23 weeks ultrasound.

Today(2 days before the first day of spring) a blizzard is raging outside our cozy home. This snow day has been spent soaking in all the wonderful things that a weekend can't seem to fit into two days. While sipping my (decaf) coffee this morning it occurred to me that I was ready to share about our family of three. I was ready to force myself to slow down and keep a record of what is happening in our lives currently. 

There is one little secret remaining until a few more important people are told...will Baby "Z" be a boy or a girl?

To be continued...


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