Spring Break

On our way home...from rain to sun.

A view of the Landmark Center & Rice Park

Buca de Bepo to Celebrate Ben's, Jordan's, and Jared's Birthday.


Oh darling Evelyn...she is growing up too fast for my liking. Over spring break I made it over to Sarah's for an afternoon. It was great to get the tour of their new place as well as getting to hang out with this little beauty.

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Do You Know Jean-Jacques Rousseau?

This morning around 10:45 I will take another test towards teacher certification. (My social studies emphasis test) I feel somewhat confident...there is just A LOT of information to know. Basically all of American History, World History, Economics, and Geography. Overall, it is a lot of random facts because it is not like math where you just have to know how to do something. Usually you remember how to do something once you do it multiple times, but reading that Nicolaus Copernicus began the Scientific revolution and argued that the Sun, not the Eath, was the center of the solar system....etc. is not always fresh in my mind. One name is easy but then you mix it in with Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei, and Issac Newtwon and suddenly you have no idea what made Copernicus so special. Perhaps writing about it here will help cement it into my mind with the other jumble of information. I think I will do well, I hope I do well. Done Deal? ha I hope so. I will end this post with an Enlightenment quote, "I Think, therefore I am". Thank you Rene Descartes for that wisdom.


rainy days

It was raining all day today, and by saying this I am not implying that it was a bad thing. I like the rain, especially after a long winter. Rain is a sign of warmer weather, and I believe I saw a 40 degrees on the bank sign while I drove by earlier this evening. It snuck up on me somehow, this Spring weather. The snow banks no longer block my view at intersections and I can wear a light, but waterproof, coat. Today we were at the elementary school again, so I decided to try out my new heels...because a little rain is no reason to keep me in my winter boots. So out the flowered shoes came. I now have a few beginnings of blisters on my heals (the curse of new shoes), but it was well worth it. Oh lovely Spring.


Bed before 10:00....10:30 I mean.

Tonight after getting home around five I decided to give in to my sweatpants right away. I spent over 9 hours on campus today so I deserve sweatpants in the evening. It was also a malt'o'meal night as well. With toast of course. mmmm. My idea of comfort food I suppose. I spent a couple hours typing up tomorrow's lesson plan since my group is made up of procrastinators, ha. We are also meeting tomorrow morning before we go to the school to make sure we actually know what we are doing. A class of second graders can turn on you quick if you don't have anything planned.

But for tonight it was just me at my apartment pretending for a brief evening that the world is slowing down. I already feel more relaxed. God is good at reminding you what is worth worrying about, and what is not. ( I have discovered that most things are never worth worrying about)

I was craving a cup of tea tonight, but I don't have any at the moment. I must admit I did glance at the coffee pot for a second, but I quickly brushed that off as insanity. I need to sleep tonight. So a glass of cold water is sitting beside me instead.
A few more notes about my day...

FAIL: my attempt at calligraphy (granted it was about a 2 minute try)
SUCCESS: trying organic bananas that seem to taste better?! (Or is it all in my mind?)
FAIL: my attempt to go to bed at 10:00 (now my goal is 10:30)
SUCCESS: I acutally painted my nails. It has been months I do belive. A nice shocking red shade. It takes some getting used to.

Overall, a good night I have to say.

P.S. oh and I have to share that Ben and I began our apartment hunt and we found some great options. Now we just have to wait until April to actually know what is available. Patience may be hard to come by on this topic, but then again I don't think I will have too much spare time to be thinking on it. I informed Ben that we would be all the happier if I had a cute place to decorate ;)


5 little days...

Spring Break is almost here. I can taste/smell/feel/sense it...it is so close.

Just 5 days stand in my way of a week of little homework and a lot of relaxing with family. It's going to be great. I also plan to get a few wedding things done. Finally.

Tomorrow we are doing Learning Centers at a few elementary schools. Should be fun. One of them is on Jane Goodall, and the other is on Economics. Whoop whoop. haha. Econ in general sounds so daunting, but it really isn't bad once you've taken a few classes on it.

We had dance class tonight...learned to waltz. My toes are still intact ;)
Then we ate our leftover Tequilaberry Salad and BBQ Wings....mmm mmm.
In addition, we watched No Country for Old Men. It was interesting to say the least. The boys liked it, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was odd. I told them it is my turn to control the netflix this time around.

Off to bed.



I am having the hardest time sitting down to study. I need to study. I have a test tomorrow, and I have yet to pick up the book. I just keep finding other things to do with myself. A trip to walmart after class, tidying up my room, reading my new magazine that came full of recipies I want to try, and writing this! So my plan of action is to pour myself a cup of the coffee I am brewing now, and then shut my bedroom door to the world. The coffee is almost done (I have an incredibly loud coffee maker so it's obvious when it is ending it's brewing). Mmmmm coffee. studying though...not so much. I just keep telling myself that "tomorrow is Friday"..."you are almost done"...."just one more test"....and suddenly shutting myself away to study for one night doesn't seem so bad.



Wednesday afternoon means I have accomplished the majority of my week's tasks. It's been a busy last few days, but all you can do is keep going sometimes. If I have learned one thing from college is that things always get done. There is no reason to stress out about things because some how they always end up working out just fine. Worrying is pointless. A waste of our time on Earth. Now on the otherhand...taking pictures of the flowers Ben got me seems like anything but a waste of time. My camera allows me to look for the beauty in things, no matter the angle.


Its amazing how a two hour long math test depleats every ounce of energy you have for the day.



"Therefore let us stop passing judgement on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in your brother's way"

Romans 14:13

What I am learning: There are two kinds of patience...One being endurance in relation to things or circumstances. The other is patience towards others. This second type of patience only comes from being filled with the holy spirit. We cannot both judge others and be patient towards them. They are contradiciting in every sense. I can never have patience for someone if I am clouded by my judgement of them, and who am I to judge when I most likely do many of the same things I condemn in others. People can never be the judge of sin because we do not know the whole truth, and we judge to make ourselves feel more righteous in comparison. That is not why God judges, because only he has noble purpose behind his judgements.

"Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into the hands of men."
-Samuel 24:14-

We all scream.

It's March 1st.
You know what that means....
DAIRY QUEEN is open!
We all bundled up but still froze as we waited in line for our blizzards. It was well worth the suffering (I think...you would have to ask the others if they agree). Needless to say by the time we got out ice cream we were numb so we all piled into Bekah's minivan with the heat blowing. I think I need to rethink my dislike of minivans because I sure do take Bekah's van for granted. Now I am full of ice cream and ready to study.


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