Loving now..

Vintage Cameras

Ben and I were wondering around some random store last time we were in the cities and an entire bookshelf was decorated with random vintage cameras. Since that day the idea has been on my mind so I am currently looking for some on ebay. There are so many out there, and being that I don't plan to actually use them for photography they really don't even have to work. Wish me luck on the bidding :)


Back @ Home..

My two afternoon classes are cancelled today so now I am determined to (a) take a nap, and (b) do a LOT of homework. I am just worn out today, I am eyeing up my coffee pot, but if I want that nap coffee probably isn't the best option.

Photo Update

(Taco Bell) as promised....but a few days late. Life is busy.


Taco Bell?

I love my friends that will go to Taco Bell with me at 2am. It started with Ellie saying she loves taco bell. I essentially told her to prove it. So there Bekah, Ben, Ellie, and I found ourselves at Taco Bell in the middle of the night. Not sure if any of us truly wanted taco bell, but instead was more that no one wanted to be the person to say we shouldn't. And I think we just have a hard time saying goodbye even when we know we should go to bed. So thank you Ellie for going even though you have to be up early to sing at church tomorrow. Thanks Bekah and Ben for playing along. I will upload a pic tomorrow. Promise. Goodnight.



Here it is...another Friday :)

I can feel my mind relax as I think over the next few days of having nothing to do. Well I do have a few things to do, but they will be much more enjoyable with more sleep and with friends.

I did some pilates last night at 11:30. I had way too much energy so I figured I might as well do something productive with it. I could feel my sore abs as soon as a woke up. I did the Mari Winsor pilates. They are the best. I love them, and I am going to try and do them more often. It's so easy to pull out my mat and do them whenever I have time rather than getting ready to go work out in the gym.

And....tonight I get to go on a date :)

We are going to the movie "Valentine's Day" and then out to dinner. We haven't went to a movie in awhile so it should be fun :) I wonder what I should wear ;)

Happy Friday!


2nd grade here I come...

Visiting my elementary school day :)

A quiet morning at home, and now off to the school this afternoon for an observation. Wish me luck :)


Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day was lovely. As silly as the holiday is I can't help by enjoy it when it comes around.

I got to sleep in while Ben and his mom went and got groceries, and then I got up and did a little homework while I drank some coffee.

Then back up to school, which means a nice 4 hour long drive to listen to music and talk about life.

Then a little unpacking and off to our dance class. We had a good laugh about how it sounds like we are 7 and then our mom should be dropping us off...but we managed to take it somewhat seriously and learned a few swing moves. More practice is definitely needed, but overall it was a fun time.

Then off to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The food was delicious! In fact, there is some leftover pasta and chocolate cake in the fridge which will be calling my name by the time I get home from classes.

I am so thankful that I have my best friend to love me everyday. We have fun doing anything, and even without a fancy dinner and dance lessons I still would have loved every second of being with my valentine.


Yellow Sundress.

Happy Wednesday!

I think I pressed snooze about 5 times this morning before I finally just set my alarm clock for a later time and said "forget it" about getting up and being productive. It's my one day to sleep in a little bit during the week so I did just that. Now I am working on a lesson plan about Spain, and meeting with my group for it at 10:00. After the meeting I will begin one of my many other projects. One by one, I will check them off. Hopefully anyway...

Tonight I am looking forward to coffee with Ellie, bible study, and then the conclusion to our Anne of Green Gables saga. This last movie is about three hours long, and we are going to try and fit it in tonight.

Yesterday I recieved the cute dress I ordered from old navy. I love it and can't wait until it is warm enough to actually wear it. Which means I will be waiting for a couple months yet. Here is a picture of the top of it.

Ok back to Spain...


missing summer.

(@ the MN State Fair)

(Out and about downtown)

(Minnehaha falls- Engaged!)

(@ the cabin)
(Sara and Lee's Engagement Shoot)

(@ the beach)

(Waiting for Zach's van)

Productivity at its finest.

My productive saturday has yet to start. & its 9pm. hmmmm.

I was sucked into Grooveshark. And wedding stuff. And when I finally sat down to do my homework I realized I forgot all the articles I needed to site at the apartment. Great.

Oh well, sometimes lazy saturdays are glorious, and usually they are very much needed after a hectic week.
I need to stop defining my time by weekends. I think I look forward to them too much, instead of enjoying the week days. My weeks are busy, but they are usually enjoyable and lovely in their own way. So my goal this next week is to treat everyday like it has the promise of a Saturday. Everyday is a fresh start.

But for now, I will just sip my pumpkin coffee with a dusting of cinnamon.


Oh Gilbert.

Bekah, Ellie, and I stayed up to watch the 2nd movie in the Anne of Green Gables series. Four hours later it is past one in the morning. The movie was so long we had to flip the disc half way through. We thought about stopping at the middle, but quickly decided to forge on. A guilty pleasure these movies. Bekah hadn't seen the movies before or read the books, so we enjoyed watching her become engrossed in the drama of it all. Sure it's cheesy, but we can't help ourselves. Now tomorrow, off to a conference on campus. Then driving home with Beth, which will probably have to be set back a few minutes with a quick run to starbucks.



The premiere of Lost is on tonight. Three hours long. Well the first hour was review, and now we are currently on hour two. Ben and I made BBQ Chicken Pizza, and will probably dive into our chocolate ice cream before the last hour begins. A nice cozy night in, while the temperature only gets colder outside.



Hot Chocolate is such a blessing in the winter.

The same goes for having a loving fiance to make it for you.


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