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My wonderful husband of 25 days shared this with me today, so I thought I'd pass it along to you! Enjoy, and Goodnight!


Streets Alive

Where I spent my afternoon...

after church, but BEFORE my two hour nap.

Big Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

BIG BATCH Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 1/3 cup Margarine ( I used butter)
2 cups white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
4 eggs
4 tsp. Vanilla

4 1/2 cups flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt

Chocolate chips (regular bag sized...I don't know the oz.)

Cream butter and sugars, and then beat in eggs and vanilla. Mix dry ingredients together and then stir into the wet ingredients. Next, add the chocolate chips.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

This recipe makes a lot of cookies (hence the name "Big Batch")  so be prepared to be sick of baking them by the time you bake a dozen pans of them. The time is worth it though. Trust me. These are the cookies I grew up with. another way to make these cookies even better is to make them with extra chocolate chips. Because by the time you get to the last few pans there seems to be more dough than chocolate chips. So I add extra chips at this point. Because we all know that a chocolate chip cookie with only two chocolate chips is pathetic.

These can also be made into bars....just place dough into cake pan or some other "bar" pan I guess.

Another note is that these cookies are perfect for freezing to make at a later date. Because it goes without saying that B and I do not need a whole batch of cookies to be sitting around our apartment, so after I pawned off a plate on a friend and my sister I decided to freeze the rest. Next time I need a chocolate fix I can just pop in a pan of ready to bake cookies. The problem with this plan however, is that frozen cookie dough is actually more delicious than cookies at times. So when I open my freezer and see a bag cookie dough I can't help but eat one. My recommendation is then to hide the bag from yourself in the back of your freezer.

NOTE: this "hiding" method has been pretty unsuccessful but perhaps you will will have better luck/self control ;)


Not Missing "the Planning"

So far, I am not missing the wedding planning business. It was truly a relief to be done with such a big event. Now don't get me wrong, I loved the planning process. It just gets exhausting after a year's worth of it. Too many decisions for a indecisive person like myself. Now that the wedding is done it means no bathtubs full of flowers...

Or random stacks of wedding things that I don't want to forget to bring the day of....

I am ready for regular ol' life and I am appreciating it greatly.

I must admit that I still look at the occasional wedding blog and photographer's website, but not nearly as often as I used to. The creative aspect of wedding planning is addicting though. I mean what other chance do you have to use all the wonderfully creative things you find for one special day? Now I just need to plan other people's weddings...that way I get to still find new and cute ideas but not feel stressed. Oh yes...one day ;)


The season for Sweetcorn

The last few days have been terribly hot and humid. I am usually fairly tolerable to weather like this, but in combination with too many trips up and down the flights of stairs the heat kicked my butt. When Sunday rolled around it was time to take a break on the organizing and spend some time with friends. After all, school started up again today so we thought we should have one last night to hang out. Of course a meal had to be involved so we decided on the high class meal of grilled hot dogs and cheddar brats. Ellie and Liz also picked up some corn, because as Ellie stated "sweetcorn season will be gone before we know it." We also made our first attempt at grilling the corn. I suppose I should mention that Ben finished constructing his new grill, and therefor most of our meals have been cooked with it. For those of you interested in trying to grill corn, you can google it and get numerous methods. We simply left the hulls on and soaked them in cold water for about 30 minutes. Then we threw them on the grill and let them cook for about 30 minutes, turning them occasionally. Some recipes have you peel back the husks and put butter, salt, and pepper on them before pulling the husks back on to grill them. We decided to keep it simple however and they still turned out delicious. We simply added our own butter and salt afterwards.We then followed up the meal with a nice conversation on flossing your teeth, ha.  It was such a nice evening, and I was quickly reminded how blessed I am to have such great friends. It is good to be home. Now I need to prepare myself for school to start. I really only have one class until I start student teaching so no complaints here. So here is to friends, summer, and grilling. Cheesy I know, but deal with it.

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No Connection.

Currently, with the moving process there is no internet connection. So I won't be able to post something worth readying for a few days. The status of the apartment is much less chaotic thankfully. It was a busy few days though to get it to this point. Pictures will be coming eventually....let me at least get all the totes and boxes unpacked first. Moving = never-ending unpacking.


A Tuesday: Procrastination

So I think today was mildly productive.

I may have slept in til ten in the morning...but it was necessary after staying up til two organizing other things. So I slept guilt free and blissfully. After waking up and eating a bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios with my coffee, I began packing. Tote by tote. I have come to find that it is the random objects that take up the most space when moving. The random lamp that wont fit in any organized tote, or the hot glue gun for instance...where is the logical place to pack a hot glue gun. Because I know I will need it for some odd reason and then I will have to think back to what tote or box thoughtlessly tossed it into. My reason for placing it where ever it ends up will be lost a day from now. The same goes for my phone charger. I will certainly lose that.

When packing became tiresome I took one look at my dirty little dog and decided he needed a bath. ( I use the term "my dog" lightly because in all honesty he worships my mother and no one else) Perhaps my bathing him was more of a punishment for the negilence he has shown me this summer. He really did need a bath. Truly.

The photo was taken post-bath as he napped on the coach. He has a hard life to say the least.

Now the next item up for discussion..

my dresser. Long story short I purchased this dresser from a thrift store over a year ago. It sat in my apartment's garage for many months, until it then sat in a trailer for a few more months. It finally made it to my parent's garage, and Ben and I tackled the project of painting and refinishing it this week. I wish I would have took a "before" picture so you could see how terribly ugly (but full of potential) it was. Ben laughed when I told him I wanted to buy it. Now that it is finished however, he understands my need to buy it. At least I think so.

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The first 12 days of my married life

Time has been lost upon me these last couple of weeks. The wedding went along smoothly and wonderfully. I had a wonderful with my family and friends as well as most importantly my handsome husband.

Gosh it feels good to say that word.

Seriously though, marriage is so sweet and wonderful. Ironically enough my husband is actually away for the next day, but I figured if I wrote about him here I would miss him a little less in real life. (pathetic sure)

He is moving his younger sister up to her dorm for her first year at college. Exciting times for everyone :)

Meanwhile I am attempting to get my things organized at my parents house so that we can move up to our apartment the end of this week. I cannot wait to start getting our apartment organized and decorated, but even before that happens it will still be our home. Lovely isn't it?

Back to the wedding though...
I managed to get a few hours of sleep the night before so that was a blessing. Before I knew it I was getting my makeup and hair done, and then slipping into my dress.

The day is a slight blur to be honest, but at the same time I can remember every minute of it. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say that I couldn't be happier to be married to my best friend.

Here are a few photographs my talented sister-in-law took the day of the wedding. Here is a link to her blog as well.




so this is the post where I promise to write a long detailed post with pictures and witty commentary very soon.

...but until then you get these few sentences (fragments at best)...


Mrs. Zimmer


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