Two Hour Break (almost)

My Homework Playlist:
-Catch My Disease (Ben Lee)

-Chasing Pavement (Adele)

-Don't Cry Baby (Madeline Peyroux)

-Giving Up (Ingrid Michaelson)

-Hey Soul Sister (Train)

-January Wedding (Avett Brothers)

-Kate (Ben Folds Five)

-Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

Vanilla Almond Coffee

I stole away to a coffee shop for the evening. I hope to get a few things checked off my schoolwork list before Ben gets off work. I can't get anything done at the apartment because I always find other chores that need to be done, laundry, cleaning out the fridge, etc. So here I am. No one to talk to. No one to distract myself with. Except this blog of course. Ha. Okay, now to work. Seriously. Here I go.


Books are Friends.

I spent the morning in a PFY meeting and then at the library for a group project until about noon. Group projects force such interesting dynamics.

I wandered up to the third floor to take some photos of books. Books are good subjects. No blur. Good color. Works in my favor hopefully...

Then I went home to sign my life away with Praxis tests in order to graduate. They cost $300! That's insane. Oh well. It's done. Sure it's a month of rent....but it will allow me to get a job. Someday.

Now for some coffee and Bible Study.
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UPDATE: No Classes!!!

Oh another free day...what to do, what to do?

Blizzard: Natural Light

My morning class was cancelled due to the Blizzard. I can't even see the road from my window it is so windy. I am hoping that my next class in cancelled as well because my car is no match for the drifts. I took advantage of the light from the storm to photograph my flowers from Ben. Turned out nicely I think...


Oh Vikings...We should have known better

I don't know why I ever do it. Sit down to watch a game, full of anticipation, only to be dissappointed in the end. It happens every year. There were more people present then shown in the pictures, they were just unable to stand still during the last few minutes. (Ben was pacing for a good 10 minutes) We were sooooo close. The cake pictured was supposed to be our "Victory Cake" with it's yellow inside and purple frosting. But it ended up being our way of consoling ourselves after sitting through the loss. But it's going to be okay. This happens. Every year. I don't think I could have handled the stress of a superbowl anyway.



The weekend.

It was one of those weeks that seemed to crawl by. It will probably be a pretty relaxed weekend because we are in the middle of a snow/ice storm. It is supposed to go through Sunday which ultimately means I am hoping Monday classes will be cancelled. The chances of this happening are quite low, but I can't help but wait for the text alert. I could handle another four day week. I am thinking a quiet day at home with coffee and homework surrounding me is on the schedule. It is always a little easier to get lesson plans done when going outside isn't an option. I am hoping Ben will brave the icy roads since he only lives one minute away. His company will help break up the monotony of Homework. I am also reading a book by Elizabeth Elliot which seems to call my name more than homework does. I figure if I trade off a chapter for 30 minutes of homework I will be mildly productive.

Ok...now I'm off to convince Ben to drive me home so I can go to bed :)
Bekah and Ben are in an intense Mario Kart battle so I don't know if I will be successful quite yet.

Not a Feeling.

Very often (nearly always, I'm afraid) when I come to church my feeling are uppermost in my mind. This is natural. We are human, we are "selves," and it takes no effort at all to feel. But worship is not a feeling. Worship is not an experience. Worship is an act, and this takes discipline. We are to worship "in spirit and in truth." Never mind about the feelings, We are to worship in spite of them.
-Elisabeth Elliot (Let Me be a Woman)

My thoughts are on this today. How true it is that too often we let our emotions dictate our attitude towards worship. It doesn't matter if I know every word to a song, if I burst out in tears, or if I raise my hands. If my worship is not "in spirit and in truth" then I not worshiping God. My emotions change by the hour, so therefor if I were to worship by the schedule of my emotions it would be fruitless. I need to worship in spite of my emotions as Elisabeth wrote, and that takes discipline. I am definitely still working on the discipline of doing so, but I hope to get closer and closer to authentic worship every day of my life.


5 hours in a Coffee Shop

Here is the status...

Two lesson plans...almost done :)
Blog updated to new site.
One cup of coffee
One bagel sandwich
Good chats with Bekah

And now...more homework, but first more coffee? It is happy hour afterall. Why haven't I discovered this earlier? It's probably a good thing though that I was oblivious that coffee happy hours existed.



Homework Homework Go away. Come again another day.


Give Me Your Eyes

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
me your arms for the broken hearted
Ones that are far beyond my reach.
Give me your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me your eyes so I can see


And life begins

I am three days into Spring Semester. I think calling it spring semester is being generous because I am pretty sure Spring doesn't hit until April around here, and by the time that's here there is only a month left of school. So on that note, I have started PFY or "Professional Final Year"...at least that's what I think it stands for haha. I will start my student teaching the last three weeks of the semester and then finish up all Fall semester. And then I'm done. Weird.
This semester is going to be a busy one, but nothing that isn't manageable. School has been a part of my life for long enough that not too much phases me. It's always one more assignment, one more paper, one more project. And they always get done one way or another, even if it means staying up til 2am to finish it.

I managed to organize my room a bit, so a result of this is feeling more organized all around. simplify. Simplify.

I have also started my Photo a day goal. So far so good. I am going to have to get creative about what my subjects will be though, something new everyday.

Unfortunately I believe this post is only happening to further put off homework, but I have accepted my procrastination skills. Like I said before, the work always gets done.

Winter break was amazing. Here are a few pics from the week at the cabin. Enjoy!


Little Marshmallows

Where did Break go??

My last week of Christmas break is starting. I am going to squeeze every last possible second out of it, all while remaining pathetically chill and relaxed. At least that is the plan. A little update perhaps...

1.tried my new ice cream maker. yum.

2.registered for the wedding. surprisingly exhausting

3.keeping up on my picture a day so far (day #3 whoop whoop)

4.heading to the cabin on Tuesday with some friends

5.watching Ben plan xbox currently while I am cozy by the fireplace.

I had grand plans of getting a million wedding things done but so far I have done basically nothing. We have a few options for ceremony musicians, save the dates in the work, registered at Target and chose the groomsmen's suits. So...a few things were accomplished, but I had hoped to get the flowers and cake figured out. Life got busy though, and a blizzard in the middle of it all didn't really make me want to be out too much. Oh well, it will all get done.

I think some hot chocolate is in order.



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