I'll be Home for Christmas...

@ Home. A perfect day of shopping, starbucks, pizza, knitting, nintendo, and the people I love. Finals seem years ago already. Now let's see...

My goals for tomorrow:

-Sleeping in

-Beginning another knitting project

-Get ideas for Wedding flowers

-Drink lots of coffee with mom

-Accomplish an Uber trick on SSX tricky.

I think the list is do'able. Goodnight.


Christmas: Round One

On Saturday my friends and I had our first Christmas party together. It is weird to think that we have become so close in less than a year. We did a not so secret "secret santa" gift exchange and made a delicious meal together. We also further worsened our "wii shoulders" with a few games of golf. Here are some pics from the night...



It's here. I survived the week of tests and paper.

Now just one more day of work, and i get a weekend of relaxing. (For the most part) Just a math test on Monday to finish out my finals.

It is supposed to be above freezing this weekend. That means my face won't freeze the second I go outside. Winter hit us fast up here because it had been pretty mellow for the most part until this last week. And then cold. Very cold.

I think I will have to do some baking this weekend. Maybe some Christmas cookies and some bread in my bread maker. mmmmmmmm.

Okay off to work. Counting down the days left with the kids. It is getting harder and harder to ever say no to them...


Too many hours of homework

Had breakfast with Mom and Dad this morning. It was nice to see them, and I am looking forward to going home sweet home over break. I miss my family...

Then came the Homework.

8 hours later...

sick of homework, showered, full of pizza and starbucks, and thankful for my friends who break up the monotony of writing papers.

Now off to sleep.



My evening after 10 hours of living in toddler land (work)....

spaghetti, coffee, history term papers, grooveshark, photographs,a glass of wine. blogging. Now sleep?

Listening to "January Wedding" by the Avett Brothers


Life Happens...

So I now officially 22. Well I have been for a few weeks now, but I figured this live changing age was worth mentioning belated or not. The age of twenty-two is such an odd age, because 21 seems like the last exciting age, so turning 22 is well, so....expected. Thankfully, my wonderful friends and family helped to make my birthday much more than ordinary.

On a more exciting note, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I didn't go home because my roommate was getting married nearby on Friday, so driving home three hours just to turn around and go back for a wedding seemed a little pointless. So Ellie's parents invited all of us that stayed for the wedding to come to their thanksgiving. It was amazing, and I am so grateful for their kindness. I also got the chance to use my new Kitchenaid mixer to make a pumpkin cake to bring. Here is a picture of my new adored kitchen appliance. I have been without a mixer for awhile now, so now that I have my new mixer I want to postpone all homework, papers, etc just to use it.

The rest of my Thanksgiving break was filled with coffee, church, sleeping in, Black Friday shopping, and Sara's wedding! It was a beautiful wedding, and I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to get to know Sara so well over the last few months. She is a great friend. I am so happy for her and Lee!

And one last thing, Black Friday shopping is so bizarre. I went with a couple friends, and it is always amusing to see the intensity of the shoppers. Everyone is half asleep but determined to get their shopping done. I think we went more for the experience than for the shopping, but I actually ended up getting a lot of my Christmas shopping done.


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