Transition to Winter

This past weekend was spent at my family's cabin. It was time to take the dock out for the season. We pushed it back as far as we could this year, and as you will see below...we missed the snow by only one day. It seemed a fitting transition, to wake up the next morning to a snow covered world. There are few better places to be than at the cabin when it returns to winter. Days are filled with hot coffee, afternoon naps, boardgames, fresh apple doughnuts, and never getting out of your sweatpants. I am grateful for days like that. 

On a side note, one of the things I have missed most about blogging is the photography. It became normal for me to leave my camera at home these past few months. I'm not entirely sure why this became my habit. Laziness perhaps.... or too much time spent on the computer without adding in uploading photos. Well no matter the cause, I am happy to once again lug my camera around on a daily basis. 

Saturday Morning (Dock Out Day)

morning frost

pumpkin spice latte (made with my sister)

Sunday Morning (snow!)

Trumpeter swans flying off 

Luckily I packed my boots for the weekend

my husband on our winter walk (sometimes we like to walk next to each other, ha)

Thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday Words: In case you need a reminder.


Coming soon.

I'm returning soon. Excuses....

1.) Busy with designs

2.) We moved

3.) New job

I am excited to be back.


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