The Pumpkin Patch

We went on a little adventure with Uncle Jordan and Taylor to find Marlowe's first pumpkin while they were in town to visit. The weather was not very cooperative for most of the weekend, so when the sun finally came out on Sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch. As you can see from the photos below, Miss M was in the middle of a nap when we arrived. She was a bit perplexed to wake up to a field of bright orange pumpkins and the bright sun in her eyes. Overall though it was a lovely way to spend some time enjoying the fall weather. It was also nice to take out my "real camera" and take some photographs. It was a bit of a challenge with the direct sunlight (as you can see by our extreme squinting at times, haha)

Well the babe has awoken from her nap. 



Our Bundle of Joy (and smiles, and smirks, and cute little grunts)

Once again the weeks have flown by without a word written here. The last (almost) 6 weeks have went the quickest though because on June 25th we welcomes our sweet Marlowe June Zimmer into the world. She surprised us all by arriving 2 weeks before her due date (and only 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital), and we couldn't be more in love. Words cannot express how blessed we feel to have our little lady here in our arms. (In fact she is rarely not in our arms). 

I am attempting to slowly wade my way back into blogging once again because I know that various family members enjoy following along since we live a few hours away. What that will look like I'm not yet sure. I'm hoping to get into the habit of weekly posts, but to be perfectly honest I have lost track of all sense of time since Marlowe's arrival and I may slip back into silence again. Staring at a computer screen holds little appeal when I could be staring at the many facial expressions of my daughter.  I must also prepare you for an overload of photos filled with an adorable little little girl. This little lady is going to be well photographed.

Well Miss Marlowe is stirring and my coffee is once again cooling before I get a chance to drink it...

I'll be back soon.



This weekend has been filled with a mixture of cozy laziness and mild organizing. 

Fruit smoothie and the bump taking a organizing break. (Smoothie: strawberries, banana, blueberry, ground flax seed, and almond milk)

Simplifying my wardrobe (aka packing away things I won't be fitting into the next few months)
and those boxes in the background hold our crib waiting to be set up!

Lunch, coffee & dessert with a friend. (you can even see the sun decided to shine through the cafe windows)

still working on this project

my drive home from my glucose screening test (thankful to have passed, whoop!)

This is what greeted Ben and I when we arrived home on Monday. The view is currently much less white, but the rain is preventing me from running to the middle of the street to take a photo to show you. 

*all pictures taken on my phone*

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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