Sometime you can pour all you can into a friendship only to see it crumble away. It's frustrating. Part of me wants to force it to get better, but I know I can't do that. It's out of my control. I was looking at old pictures and then thinking about the awkward situation that has developed. I just wanted to be able to look back and know that we ended on a good note. The note we did end on was a little flat to say the least. Some friendships just need to be let go I guess. If they are too draining, then that defeats the purpose, right? I just want to pour into her, but she is out of my reach. hmmm. maybe it's 1 am bringing this out in me. Anyway, my hair is darker. not sure if that was a good idea with my pale winter like skin, haha, oh well. I needed a change. Ok off to bed.

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