A long week of History...

Two history tests in one week is a lot to cram into my head. I covered the death of Constantine through Justinian which is a good couple hundred years in case you wanted to know. ( Justinian is pictured on the left here) He is considered to be the last of the Roman emperors. Those that came after him most likely considered themselves Roman, but from our viewpoint they seem more inclined to the Eastern Constantinople than they do with Rome. And then there is his wife Theodora, whose father was a bear trainer at the Hippodrome. Her whole family came from the circus actually. It was love at first sight they say. Hmm....on to the next one. I'm ready for Christmas to be here. I bought some new ornaments at Walmart. I rationalized them by telling myself I would use them next year and next year and the next year, etc. Good purchase right? ha hopefully. I'm also thinking about Christmas gifts for everyone. So far I have no good leads, but each person's gift will fall into place. I do have a good month and a half before Christmas anyway. Ok well off to bed now. Goodnight.

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