What to do on your day off.

It is spring break for the school district I sub in, so I have been attempting to fill the last few days with the perfect combination of relaxation and productivity. I think I may have the balance just about right.
This morning I slept in ( while feeling a little guilty when the husband's alarm went off at five)...
And then woke up to some quiet time reading and sipping my drug of choice. Quiet mornings like this are quite truly food my for soul. 

Now the rest of my morning, as it slips into the afternoon, is going to be spent preparing for our weekend away. I tend to stretch out my packing so that it takes up however much time I have to do it in. First I'll pack the important things such as my books, knitting, and warm sweaters. Then I'll remember that it's probably a good idea to have socks, jeans, pajamas, etc. It's a slow process...trying to remember what I may need over the next five days.  

I will also try and attempt to leave our apartment clean for our homecoming. It is wonderful to return home to no laundry to be done (besides what's in our bags), no dishes to clean, no beds to make, etc. Sometimes we leave home so frantically that we can' help but leave a trail of packing destruction, but since I have the day off I hope to ensure a restful return. 

This weekend I hope to bring my camera out of it's long hiatus from the world. As ridiculous as it sounds the battery died weeks ago, and I kept forgetting to charge it (out of laziness) and so I slipped into a habit of not taking pictures. I've missed it. 
Well there you have it...my thoughts this morning. 

If you get in the baking mood this weekend, you need to make these Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes. Trust me, they are absolutely delicious. I made some for Ben to take to work the other day, but of course I had to keep a few at home since they didn't all fit in the container...oh well. haha
I kept the leftovers in the fridge, and trust me it is hard not to eat one every time I open the door. The recipe is from the blog Table for Two. There are wonderful recipes on this woman's blog, as well as beautiful photographs of all her final results.


  1. Happy Spring Break to you! P.S. LOVE your new header :)

    1. I thought it needed a little change. It was great to see you this weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous first day off! LOVE your blog. Newest reader!



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