This weekend has been filled with a mixture of cozy laziness and mild organizing. 

Fruit smoothie and the bump taking a organizing break. (Smoothie: strawberries, banana, blueberry, ground flax seed, and almond milk)

Simplifying my wardrobe (aka packing away things I won't be fitting into the next few months)
and those boxes in the background hold our crib waiting to be set up!

Lunch, coffee & dessert with a friend. (you can even see the sun decided to shine through the cafe windows)

still working on this project

my drive home from my glucose screening test (thankful to have passed, whoop!)

This is what greeted Ben and I when we arrived home on Monday. The view is currently much less white, but the rain is preventing me from running to the middle of the street to take a photo to show you. 

*all pictures taken on my phone*

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. Looking forward to visiting your little town of Fargo soon,but please make sure the white stuff is gone okay!?

  2. Can't wait to see the finished blanket! And spring (sometime soon?)! And you!

  3. I can't wait to see that little belly of yours soon! P.S. The glucose test is so yucky, isn't it? Mine's coming up in a few weeks....here's to hoping I pass with flying colors too :).



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