Where did Break go??

My last week of Christmas break is starting. I am going to squeeze every last possible second out of it, all while remaining pathetically chill and relaxed. At least that is the plan. A little update perhaps...

1.tried my new ice cream maker. yum.

2.registered for the wedding. surprisingly exhausting

3.keeping up on my picture a day so far (day #3 whoop whoop)

4.heading to the cabin on Tuesday with some friends

5.watching Ben plan xbox currently while I am cozy by the fireplace.

I had grand plans of getting a million wedding things done but so far I have done basically nothing. We have a few options for ceremony musicians, save the dates in the work, registered at Target and chose the groomsmen's suits. So...a few things were accomplished, but I had hoped to get the flowers and cake figured out. Life got busy though, and a blizzard in the middle of it all didn't really make me want to be out too much. Oh well, it will all get done.

I think some hot chocolate is in order.


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