slowing down.

This is a photo from Bekah's Birthday party. We all went out for dinner and drinks, and Bekah ended up with a tattoo of all things.

(air brushed of course)

I have been putting off writing here until I have a minute to breate, but then I realized that if I wait for that it may never happen. So here I am at 11pm writing when I should be in bed...so in some strange (and pathetic) act of defiance I am choosing to stay up and write rather than getting stuck in boring adulthood. Who goes to bed at 10:30? Not I. Who wishes she did whenever she has to wake up at 6:00am?...yea that's me. Every night I wish to be young and stay up late, but than morning comes around and I consider forgetting every responsibility for an hour more of sleep. After a battle with my snooze I get out of bed and crawl for the coffee, and usually after 5 minutes of conciousness I am alert and ready to go. I just love sleep so incredibly much, but the problem is I love spending quality time with Ben and my friends more. Sleep deprived, perhaps... but I will gladly sip coffee all morning and yawn on occasion than miss a night with the people I love. After that rant, I leave with promises to post more photos and words. ( I was going to write "words of wisdom" and then laughted at the thought).

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