100 days & Chocolate Melting Cake

100 Days…

...moving into the double digits. It's crazy to think how far away it used to seem. Now only a few months left until we get married. I always thought the time would go by slow, but throw in a year of school and you hardly have a chance to think about how far away it seems. Knowing that we are down to 100 days also means I am remembering all the things I need to accomplish before the day. I used to be able to say that I can do that later, but now it is later.

Once school is done, and summer truly is here, I will be more productive. Right?! It is just hard to sit down and look at flower arrangements when I know I have papers to write and lessons to plan. I want to enjoy all the fun details that are left, and as I write the last few papers I have left this weekend I hope to open up the new wedding magazine I purchased a few days ago. ( I must admit I felt a little guilty when I bought it...I don’t really need any more ideas to deal with, but it was calling my name at the grocery store) So I threw it into my basket, along with all the ingredients to chocolate melting cake (another guilt ridden thing….but so good).

The first time we had chocolate melting cake was on our cruise two years ago. It is deceiving because when you first look at the little Ramekin full of chocolate cake you say to yourself, "that doesn't look like it could fill you up"...but after you are about two bites in the richness of it all hits you, and you realize that this is no normal chocolate cake. Include a little scoop of vanilla ice cream and it's about perfect. So we watched GLEE and ate some melting cake….and it was a good night.

Recipe for Chocolate Melting Cake (makes 6 Ramekins)
Prepare yourself….I never said this was healthy.
1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup butter
6 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour (scant)
Melt the butter and chocolate chips together. In mixing bowl mix sugar and eggs, beat in the chocolate mixture, and then lastly add the flour. Pour into oiled Ramekins and bake for 12 minutes at 390 degrees.
Let sit for a few minutes before you serve them...they will be pretty hot. You can dust some powdered sugar on top as well. ( I forgot to do this before the photo) They are best served with vanilla ice cream on the side.
Enjoy :)


  1. This was really good! Thanks for the recipe perfect for that chocolate craving. Mind if I share it?

  2. Please do share :) Everyone needs a chocolate fix.



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