Coffee on a Sunday

Sundays always seem to be a day where my coffee cup is often being filled. This afternoon I sat down to work on some designs and my breaks consisted of  leaning back in my chair, legs pulled up to my chest, with both hands wrapped around my steaming mug. Mmmm.

Below you will find a few coffee inspired treasures (one of mine included). Click on the photos or title to be taken to the item's page.

Coffee Print (A Snail Mail Design)
Coffee & Goals Print (5 x 7)

Coffee Soap
Coffee Scrub Kitchen Soap- All Natural, Handmade, Cold Process, Unscented Coffee Soap

Coffee Pencils
coffee is fuel for genius pencil set of three 3 in white. Jot notes, take exams, and doodle with this inspired pencil.

Coffee State Mugs
MINNESOTA Coffee Mug - Unique Art Tea Cup

Coffee Photography
Cafe DuMonde. 11x14 Photo Print.

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