Why Barnes and Noble Stores have been ruined.

So I've been thinking. I tend to buy a lot of stuff online. Barnes and Noble stores have been ruined for me since I look at the prices knowing I can save quite a bit of money online. I talk myself out of my supposed "I need it right now", and wait and see how cheap I can get it online.

This brings me to the problem. I was house sitting for my parents last week and stopped by the small local bookshop in town. As I was browsing I began thinking about how nice it is that the small town I grew up in actually has its own book store. Then a feeling of guilt came over me because I knew that I personally would probably not buy a lot of books here because let's be honest...I can't afford to buy new books at a bookstore whenever I want. I tend to buy most of my books at the thrift store, online, or for my kindle (since they usually are cheaper as an ebook). I don't know if I can ever fully transfer over to only using my kindle since I love the smell, feel, etc. of physical books. Even the old musty ones. Okay I am getting off track.

In the end, I bought two books at this bookstore because I truly did want to support the small business (and I wanted to read the books). The kind and helpful woman at the bookstore may also have been an influence, because I had I hard time imagining myself walking out empty handed as she watched me. I'm such a people pleaser sometimes...

I bought the books, and felt satisfied about the personal interaction of buying a book from a person who cares about books. Am I crazy? Actually, don't answer that.

So what is the point of this rambling?

I feel like I need to counterbalance for all of the things that I continue to buy online through large companies (aka Amazon). What is my plan you ask? I've decided to try and buy all of my birthday gifts for friends, family etc. from small businesses through etsy for 2012. This will be easy for the females in my life, but will probably be harder/impossible when it comes to guys. I think this goal became more important to me since opening Snail Mail Designs, because I realized how great it feels when someone appreciates the time and effort put into something I worked to create. So there you have it. I will let you know how this new plan of mine plays out. Maybe I will post about all the gifts I purchase after giving them. (I don't want to ruin the surprise after all)

Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts. This evening the husband and I are heating up some leftovers and cuddling up on the couch. Happy one day before the weekend!


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  1. I love this idea! And I too wish that I could support small & independent bookstores with every book purchase I make, but, let's face it, I buy A LOT of books and just don't have the money. Every time I order new books for school, though, I make an effort to get at least some from a local/indie place, and lately I've been going through Magers & Quinn-- they're based in Minneapolis and have new and used (I believe) and sell online...

    Happy Friday. xoxo.



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