If you forget your coffee in the microwave...

This week has been one of those "I reheat my mug of coffee every hour and still forget to drink it" kind of weeks. Please tell me you do that too, the constant battle of trying to finish a cup of coffee before you get distracted? I finally gave up trying to finish my hot coffee, and switched over to iced coffee for the afternoon.  

We will see if that gets finished. 
One reason for my inability to focus on my caffeine needs is that there is currently no room on my desk for a cup of any kind. Which is perhaps better because there are currently almost two hundred wedding invites waiting to be assembled, and one wrong move could mean hours of work becoming coffee tinted. 

I've been taking breaks from staring at my computer screen to sit outside on our patio. In between planning out where my new seedlings will eventually call home, I have also been reading my recipe books from the library. I love my library. Seriously. I always have at least six different cookbooks, novels, gardening books, etc. checked out. Who needs to spend money? (besides the occasional late fee, haha)... 

Well I better get back to work.

I'm beyond excited for these wedding invites...final product to be shared soon. 

I usually find the surface of my desk about every other week. The upside? usually the messier it is the more work I am doing. 

currently reading for new recipes.

various herbs, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, and garden peas waiting for summer...

P.S. Are you craving iced coffee now? I apologize, and to make amends here is the recipe on how to make it....Perfect Iced Coffee

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  1. yes, i'm craving iced coffee now! looks delicious.



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