It's a...

We are thrilled to announce to that the mystery "Baby Z" is a mystery no more.  We can't wait to hold our sweet baby girl in our arms, and I don't think I've stopped smiling since we found out the news. (not that I wouldn't have been smiling if it were a boy...and you know that the ultrasounds technicians never promise to be 100% accurate) If by some chance "she" turns out to be a "he", the adorable clothing that is already piling up may not work out as planned. Something about brightly colored polka dots seem to call my name wherever I go.

Some of my current cravings...

-Root Beer Floats
-Fruit & more fruit...especially grapefruit. I think I could eat a few each day if they didn't involve so much slicing for easy eating.
-Iced Coffee (decaf, ugh haha)  I've been making iced coffee in my french press about once a week and this serves as my afternoon treat when I go back to work after my lunch break. I try to trick myself into thinking it's caffeinated but usually at least one yawn slips through)

Our baby girl is quite the tumbler these days, especially right before we go to bed.  She also likes to greet me with a few kicks right in the morning.

And just because it was too cute- here is the chalkboard sign my sister Beth made for the wonderful reveal party she held for us. Thanks again sister. You are the best :)

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  1. We are a wee bit excited also and so happy to feel her kick! I have stocked up on ice cream and root beer for your next visit home~ Love you all!!!



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