Spring Colors

One of my students shared with me that we are expected to receive four inches of snow this weekend. I am choosing to doubt his weather report not because of his trustworthiness, but simply because I need it to be spring. A few of the top reasons being...

1. I no longer have a jacket that fits my bump. 

2. I want to be able to get out of the house and go on evening walks with Ben. We managed a brief walk yesterday but it wasn't very comfortable (see reason #1). 

3. I need some color in my life (my pale winter skin included). So while I choose to ignore the talk of snow please enjoy a few glimpses of colors from last weekend spent with our families. 

A sneak peak of a baby blanket currently in the works...

Some Easter flowers on my mom's table...

A few details from the adorable gender reveal brunch for my brother and sister-in-law. See more of the detail on Jen's Blog.

In case you were wondering I did check the weather forecast. There is talk of maybe an inch of snow before it turns into rain. I can handle the rain...rain melts snow. Oh and the optimist in me is holding on to the sixty-seven degree day showing up on my 15 day forecast. I can wait...for a bit more. 


  1. B! That blanket is absolutely adorable! Is it crochet or knit? I'd love to learn how to make one!

    1. Crochet...they come together pretty quick once you get the hang of it :)



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