Here it is...another Friday :)

I can feel my mind relax as I think over the next few days of having nothing to do. Well I do have a few things to do, but they will be much more enjoyable with more sleep and with friends.

I did some pilates last night at 11:30. I had way too much energy so I figured I might as well do something productive with it. I could feel my sore abs as soon as a woke up. I did the Mari Winsor pilates. They are the best. I love them, and I am going to try and do them more often. It's so easy to pull out my mat and do them whenever I have time rather than getting ready to go work out in the gym.

And....tonight I get to go on a date :)

We are going to the movie "Valentine's Day" and then out to dinner. We haven't went to a movie in awhile so it should be fun :) I wonder what I should wear ;)

Happy Friday!

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