Yellow Sundress.

Happy Wednesday!

I think I pressed snooze about 5 times this morning before I finally just set my alarm clock for a later time and said "forget it" about getting up and being productive. It's my one day to sleep in a little bit during the week so I did just that. Now I am working on a lesson plan about Spain, and meeting with my group for it at 10:00. After the meeting I will begin one of my many other projects. One by one, I will check them off. Hopefully anyway...

Tonight I am looking forward to coffee with Ellie, bible study, and then the conclusion to our Anne of Green Gables saga. This last movie is about three hours long, and we are going to try and fit it in tonight.

Yesterday I recieved the cute dress I ordered from old navy. I love it and can't wait until it is warm enough to actually wear it. Which means I will be waiting for a couple months yet. Here is a picture of the top of it.

Ok back to Spain...

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