Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day was lovely. As silly as the holiday is I can't help by enjoy it when it comes around.

I got to sleep in while Ben and his mom went and got groceries, and then I got up and did a little homework while I drank some coffee.

Then back up to school, which means a nice 4 hour long drive to listen to music and talk about life.

Then a little unpacking and off to our dance class. We had a good laugh about how it sounds like we are 7 and then our mom should be dropping us off...but we managed to take it somewhat seriously and learned a few swing moves. More practice is definitely needed, but overall it was a fun time.

Then off to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The food was delicious! In fact, there is some leftover pasta and chocolate cake in the fridge which will be calling my name by the time I get home from classes.

I am so thankful that I have my best friend to love me everyday. We have fun doing anything, and even without a fancy dinner and dance lessons I still would have loved every second of being with my valentine.

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