Today was a day full of bittersweet things.

My lovely friends let me crash on their couch for the second night since my
old apartment is empty. Their couch was lovely and I slept blissfully. Then
I woke up and sleepily walked upstairs to help get the new apartment in some
 type of controlled chaos. It is getting better. At least that is what I keep telling myself. 
 It is amazing the amount of stuff one accumulates by living in the same place
for three years. Then we took a break from packing/unpacking/organizing to have
 lunch with our friends before heading out of town. I was struck at how comfortable
 it feels when we are all together, so right. And now things seem to be changing
in a way that doesn't slow down. For the most part they are all great changes, but it is
 just that the changes will make things different. Bekah moving to the cities in July,
which means I will see more of her until August, but then I will miss her dreadfully when
I return to school. I told her someone has to be the first one to move, and that we
will all be leaving eventually. At the same time I am grateful to have one more
semester before jumping into real life. And I will miss Ellie for most of the summer
 except when we plan visits (and yes Ellie, I will visit, as will you!) Usually when I go
 a weekend without these girls I miss them. But then I get to see her again after the
wedding and when we both start our student teaching. Part of me wants everything to
 go right back to normal after the wedding, with only the living situations changing, but
I know that college is ending...and our lives may need to be lived miles away from each
other. There are moments that I want to freeze and remember forever. Even if it means
 a simple lunch at a rather dirty local restaurant. I think I could have sat there for hours
 playing "would you rather", but last minute packing and then driving had to end it.
 Change is hard to swallow at times, especially when everything seems so right for the time
 being. Even moving out of my apartment of three years was rather odd. I am happy to be
moving home, and excitingly anticipating the wedding as it gets closer and closer, but I
can't help and realize how happy I am with how everything is right now at this moment.
What a blessing to be this fulfilled with the relationships I have with my friends. I should
be thankful that I have something that is so good I don't want to give it up...and I am. I just
don't want to let it slip away without realizing what a great year I have had. If you ever
have the chance to have all your favorite people a block away, take it, and love it.

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