a lovely day

My beautiful friend Justine took me around the cities for the day. It was such a fun day spent catching up on each other's lives. First stop was Anthropologie...aka the store where I can't afford anything but wish to pretend I live the beautiful eccentric life personified by everything within it. I did purchase a few items on clearance...such as a belt and two candle holders. Even though most of the items are way out of my price range, I still love getting ideas from the store and finding other ways to get the similar styles.

Next stop. Justine's lovely house which of course holds her amazing room. It was my first time seeing her place, but I definitely could tell it was her room right away.

Then we made our way to a cool little restaurant in uptown and had a nice lunch and then we decided to head to the downtown salvation army. That is where the adventure begins, at least I am choosing to call it an adventure when really it was us getting lost with no air conditioning in a HOT car for an hour or so. We managed to laugh about it along the way, all while sweating not so gracefully, ha. We finally arrived at our destination, and I managed to find some shirts for my latest project (that will be another post).


Finally, we returned back to Justine's place for some delicious dessert and coffee. It was such a great day, and I am blessed to have a friend that is willing to plan such a thing for me.

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