Here Comes the Sun....

Saw Mason Jennings last night. So good.  Sorry for the lack of better adjectives...not feeling like using my brain to its capacity today. I will load a picture up here eventually, but again it seems like too much work right now.

The sun has returned to our city today. We have missed it, and it was becoming to feel like Seattle. (Not that I would know).

Now, Ben's dad is in town today so we are moving more stuff into our apartment.  Oh yes! We got our apartment! It is the one we wanted, and...we get to start moving stuff in now. This makes the whole moving process a lot easier, because we just have to move it right to the apartment instead of to storage for a few months and then to our place.

So good things are happening all around, good music, I can feel the sun, and a new place to call home.

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