Life of the Party

I finished my last paper of the semester today.

and after printing out the tweny + pages of it I felt...



TIRED (it's hard work actually sitting down and doing homework)

But mostly happy to be done. Now I just have to wake up tomorrow morning and go hand it all in to my profs. Oh good day. And then just maybe....

another Nap :)  
why not? ha

But for now, a late night Happy Cinco De Mayo! Since finals loom before us (well not me but I'll still sympathize with my friends) we felt a need to celebrate. But for lack of energy and money, our options were few. We decided on churros from Taco Johns, but they were closed.

So back up plan....

TACO BELL. for some apple empanadas, and cheesy fiesta potatoes
(how authentic right?)

Here is the photograph to prove it.

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