Birthday Girl

So tomorrow is my beautiful sister's birthday ( I say that like I have an ugly sister too, but am referring to my beautiful one. I don't by the way have another sister, or an ugly one at that) . She is turning twenty-one and I couldn't be more proud to be her sister. She is such a lovely lady and I am blessed to have her constant encouragement and love. We celebrated by going out to dinner in town which resulted in getting way to full and then eating chocolate cake anyway. That is what dessert is for right?...a.k.a. Already being full and then having the waiter show you what the chocolate cake looks like...caving in and ordering two pieces to share (but when the "pieces" are the size of a large brick you can hardly feel better about yourself by casually throwing in the "sharing" phrase because let's face it I still ate what would have been abnormal sized piece of chocolate heaven & caramel goodness.) So yes. The moral of the story is that dessert always puts you over the top at restaurants. Will I learn my lesson? Probably not. But either way, Happy Birthday my dear little sister!

{yes she is wearing a wig, and yes I am in the background and have no idea what I am doing}

On another note...

I attempted to make strawberry-rhubarb jam last night. I will withhold the recipe until I actually taste the jam because I have a feeling that my lack of attention to the recipe will result in unwanted tartness. I mean I am sure that the recipe is perfectly fine so I probably could share it, but still. I'm sure you are not dying to run to your kitchens and whip up some jam (I shouldn't even say that because I actually was really excited). Here are some pictures however so you can imagine the process from before to after.

{p.s. I started this project at 10pm at night...not recommended}

So, tomorrow morning I am going to wake up and try out my homemade jam in one of my cute jars. A little tartness won't scare me away, and at least I will have my coffee to wash it down. Then out to the business of garage sales. Did I mention we are having a garage sale at my house? Oh yes we are, and it was HOT out today. Sitting outside in ninety degree weather all day is only worth it when you are a.) near a beach/pool or b.) making money. I didn't make it to the pool, but I did make a few bucks for some old junk that I certainly didn't need. Tomorrow is day number two for our grand ol' yard sale. I must say my quick adding skills are building up rapidly.


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  1. Did you notice Beth's snazzy outfit? Her shirt is actually inside out and those are jammie pants that could use a good little twist! Well at least she was dressed I guess~



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