My Long Weekend: Somewhat briefly

Back from a lovely weekend at the lake.

 The sun was seen quite frequently, and the majority of the rain held off for a single late night storm. It was relaxing to put the cell phone away and spend time with family and friends. I also managed to survive an intense tubing ride with Ben and Jordan. I am finally able to raise my arms above me head, and the only remaining evidence are the healing wounds on my elbows. I must be getting older because I remember when I could go tubing all weekend and not feel a thing. This time around, one day's worth did me in.

Now I'm back in the swing of things and currently drinking coffee while popping raspberries in my mouth fresh from the farmer's market. Oh summer is so good to me. I must get back to work so the photographs from the weekend will have to speak for themselves.

Independence Day
{click on photos to make bigger}

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