To Do before "I Do"

I made my master to-do list today. I will save you from having to read it since it truly is not interesting in content. What makes it interesting is the overall goal of completing the tasks and then ta-daaa...the wedding! Currently, I am unable to check too many items off because I am stuffing my face with delicious blueberries and blackberries while at work. I washed the fruit quickly before work, and then threw them into a baggie while still wet. So the remaining water has mixed with the fruit to create a lovely purple dye that has coated my finger tips. yum.

On another subject entirely...Ben graduates from Police academy/skills tomorrow. I am so proud of him and I am glad that the school is finally returning him to me :)  I have missed him (even though I got to see him every weekend but one). My parents are driving up to see the ceremony with me so that I can ride back with him. I have been trying to prepare him for my massive to-do list but I don't think he has quite grasped how busy we are going to be in the next two weeks. If he can handle being tazed than certainly he can handle some pre-wedding tasks.

One task on our list is to spend an afternoon at IKEA picking out a few new things. Hopefully we will find new headboard and two matching nightstands. I am sure I will manage to find a few other things while wondering about that endless store. It's dangerous really...all those things to buy.
Here are a few of the beds I am considering...

Options options....how to choose?
By bringing Ben along of course!
(me alone with my indecisiveness would result in never buying a bed)

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