Fabric Bunting

My Project of the Night....

Fabric flags for the wedding cake...or cake stand...not quite sure yet.

The Process: I cut out strips of fabric and then used iron on fusing to fold the fabric in half the long way. Next, I cut out little triangles from the now double-sided fabric strips.

After a little haphazard arranging I simply sewed them all together by continuously running them through the sewing machine. It took me a little while to begin the sewing since I forgot I had broken my needle last time. So after hunting down an extra needle I began connecting the flags. It was really quite an easy project. Next, I want to attempt to put little fabric flags on toothpicks for the cupcakes. I keep telling myself to complete one project a night. By pacing myself I hope to get things done in time, but I know that things will start piling up very soon here.

Alright, I need to clean up the mess I made of the kitchen. Then perhaps some hot chocolate before I head off to bed. I know, who drinks hot chocolate in July? I do.

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