So long February.

28 days felt like a week. 

Here we are tipping over in March and it is still in the double digit negatives. I am expecting great things from March with the highest thing on my list being warmer temperatures. Usually we have a good month of polar temps, but they seem to have claimed every "winter" month so far. EXCEPT for that lovely teaser of a warm up a few weeks ago.

Next on my list for March are a few important birthdays. You know who you are people. Get ready to celebrate jumping further into adulthood.

More baking/cooking. I've decided I do better with month resolutions rather than a whole year's worth, so this will be my focus in March. Hopefully you will reap some of the benefits of some new recipes I want to try and then share.

More reading. Enough said.

Working out more. Trying to keep on a 3-4 days a week schedule. For some reason a 6 by 6 foot room with a treadmill never sounds appealing. (another reason summer needs to hurry up and get here)

Speaking of healthier habits, the local Dairy Queen also opens up tomorrow (March 1st). Which means Ellie will probably drag me there even though it is still way too cold to stand outside waiting to order ice cream. Then we will sit inside our car with the heater blasting while eating our long awaited treat. Is it worth it? I think so? ha. I think I would be disappointed if we didn't go...below is a picture of last year's March opening.

Okay well I need to scurry off to bed. The morning will come too early like always. Goodnight!

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