Where I've spent my days (lately)

So be prepared for a mess of jumbled photos and thoughts.

I have the afternoon off so get ready.


Photos uploaded....check.

Sunshine streaming in from my window....check.

On Friday I drove to St.Paul to meet with my sister to pick up her dress. I can't show any pictures of her gorgeous dress but trust me it is perfect. There are a few photos of some details in the bridal shop though.

Later that evening Ben and I headed over to our friend Bekah's new apartment to help her with the moving process. Zach and Ellie joined us later in the afternoon and to celebrate our moving success we went downtown to get some dinner at Ike's. After some delicious chocolate shakes, and amazing burgers we walked back to our car while appreciating the lack of wind in the city. 

(note: this was what Ben and Zach got...my burger was a little less intimidating)

Saturday was spent bumming around the cities again and a few hours spent in IKEA. It's a good thing that this place is 4 hours away from where I am currently living because it's a dangerous place when on a budget. I was proud of myself however because I only purchased the few small items that I knew I needed to get before even entering the store. (no impulse buys = a successful IKEA trip haha). Bekah however had to make some tougher decisions because she was looking for a kitchen table, chairs, bookcase, etc. 

We ended our weekend with a little furniture assembly party that included Bob the bird singing in the background (Bekah was bird sitting for a week). On Sunday we had a late breakfast and then said our goodbyes and began the long drive back to the tundra.

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