It's been raining for the last two days. I'm alright with this because it has been a cozy few days, but I know I will soon want to feel the sunshine on my face. At work the kids have been going a little stir-crazy inside, so I'm sure today won't be any different. 

I was hoping to post more pictures today from Seattle, but my computer has a mind of its own lately (I'm using the husband's computer now)...so that will have to wait. Is it possible for a computer to have an attitude problem? Because I swear mine does.

My goals for the rainy day:

finish my second cup of coffee

keep the kids busy all day

meet the husband for lunch

perhaps....clean the apartment while listening to Adele

give my computer a piece of my mind and then pathetically beg for it to work.

work on a secret little project. shhhh.

and a coffee date with a friend.

Sounds lovely to me.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds lovely indeed. I'm curious as to what your secret project is...



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