To Seattle we go (part one) : The endless drive.

There are going to be a lot of photos coming your way. I tried to be selective in when I pulled out a few for the blog, but a "few" soon became many.  This post will cover the evening we left up to the point of driving into Seattle. About 24 hours total. We only stopped to refill the gas tank and to use the restroom. It was a long day, but I think all of us were surprised that it wasn't as bad as we had imagined it to be. Ben drove the first leg of the trip, and then I took over and drove until around 3am. Zach then drove through the rest of the night, followed by Bekah fearlessly driving through the Montana/Idaho mountains and Ellie brought us through most of Washington. Zach then finished up the last portion when we drove into Seattle. We were all very happy to be out of the truck upon our arrival. As far as sleeping went, I think I managed to get about 2-3 hours after my shift. Bekah we all discovered (well we already has somewhat of an idea) is able to fall asleep in about 2 minutes. Even in the most uncomfortable positions. I have never mastered the sleeping upright in a vehicle ability so I didn't fare as well. Surprisingly though we all felt fairly rested when we arrived at our destination. 

So here we go....

Bekah had her stuff out and waiting for us to pick her up...

Ellie waiting for Bekah to come to the door...


Ready for the drive...I think.

A few crosswords along the way. 

A sunset.

then waking up to the mountains

 We found a Starbucks somewhere in Montana and filled up on some much needed caffeine. 

rest stop luxury. 

a little old man had his own coffee shop set up at a rest stop.

a few rain drops.

a view from the backseat. 


Well I hope you enjoyed the first part of our trip otherwise known as the car ride. I figured I might as well stay up later to get this post up since I practically doomed myself to a late night. First off sleeping in, then taking a long afternoon nap, and finally sipping on an iced coffee at 8pm. Oops.

It was nice to have a weekend to relax after a busy week away. We had a wedding to go to yesterday, and the 1.5 hour drive has never seemed so short, ha. We also switched vehicles back with my parents. (if you didn't already notice that we didn't take the vibe on the trip since my Dad generously offered to let us take his truck) The extra room inside the vehicle was much appreciated. Anyway, we switched vehicles and shared a lovely lunch with my parents (it also happened to be there 28th wedding Anniversary).

It was a lovely wedding and reception. We then drove home and promptly went to bed. Today was a gorgeous day, so we spent a portion of it outside on a roller-blading trip. We were smart about it and started out against the wind so that on our way home we were practically pushed home. (the occasional sand storm against my bare legs was not as wonderful though). This was followed by a cold shower and a nap on the couch.

So here I am at 10:30 and not the least bit tired...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I hope to post the next part of our trip later this week.

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  1. Love the photos Britta! Can't wait to hear more about your travels :).



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