Seattle Part 3: Pikes Place Market

We walked down to Pikes Place Market for the beginning of our afternoon. This is where they throw the fish around from person to person (if you know what I am referring to then this will make sense). We saw this happen but I didn't get any photos of it. The fish tossing was entertaining but I have to admit that the fresh flowers were my favorite. They were gorgeous and ridiculously cheap compared to your typical florist. Everything inside of me wanted to buy a bouquet but I didn't have anywhere to put them (no vase), and we weren't planning on spending enough time in our hotel room to even enjoy looking at them. So I stared at them for as long as I could and took a few photos. Ben sweetly informed that if we were in fact to live in Seattle he would bring me these beautiful bouquets on a regular basis. Everywhere we went there were people carrying around their paper wrapped bouquets, and I reminded myself that I would regret having to carry around my flowers for the entire day because we weren't planning on returning to our hotel anytime soon. Bekah and I were pretty close to breaking down and chipping in a few bucks each to share a bouquet but alas our logical sides took over. 
The other wonderful thing to look at was all the delicious fresh produce. They had any type of fruit or vegetable you could imagine, and they all looked delicious. Ellie bought a few cherries that she shared with us, but other than that we pretty much walked on through the market. It was Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so it was a pretty busy place. 

Coming up next....Starbucks.

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  1. Love the pic of the Fab 5 together! And also the " no squeezing" sign on the peaches! Those flowers would have been hard to pass up. Thanks for posting :)



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