What a Week.

This week has been full of such joyful things. Let me share a few...

first, my beautiful nephew was born.

second, husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

third, one of my best friends, Justine, got engaged. (we were high school friends/college roommates/oddly related via her sister being married to my brother)

I don't know what else I could fill this wonderful week with. I am currently sitting in a sunny room at a bed and breakfast in Stillwater. I can't wait to share all my photos for the week. Here is a sneak peek for now.

Oh, and I realize I don't have many baby pictures to share. I brought my camera to the hospital but quickly decided to spend more time holding the little guy rather than my camera. Can you blame me? I took one photo-the one above...he was not too happy that we placed him back down in his crib. The lovely thing is that I still adore his "I'm about to cry" face as much as I did every other face he made. I'm hoping to get to see him again in a few days. 

Okay, back to vacation mode. 

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