Ice Cream Cones & Baseball

Last weekend we headed to the cities to spend a weekend with family. Ben's mom treated us to a twins game while we were in town. We had wanted to go to a game at the new stadium for awhile now, so it was a nice surprise to finally have a chance to.  It was a gorgeous day out, and we were in the shade which made it even more enjoyable. The Twins even pulled off a win for their 100th game of the season. We also ate our share of junk food as well... because how can you not at a baseball game? 

We also made it to the Minneapolis farmers market before heading back home. We stalked up on some fresh veggies, flowers, salsa, and hummus.  yum.

In other news I am patiently waiting to become an Aunt...
My brother and sister-in-law (Jen) are expecting their baby boy any day now. I am busily trying to finish up a project before my little nephew arrives as well.

Happy Monday!

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