Coffee has a Holiday?

(enjoying an iced coffee a few months ago)

So rumor...or facebook...told me that it is National Coffee Day. (I don't really know if this is true or not but I figured since the name of this blog contains coffee I better at least mention it) With that being said, if this rumor is false, oh well.
To celebrate I drank almost an entire pot of coffee myself.

 One cup before work

        A travel mug full of coffee while the students were at phy-ed./music.

                    And lastly a lovely mug of rewarmed coffee...now.

oops. (good thing I don't work tomorrow because chances are I won't be going to sleep anytime soon)

I'm treating today as my Friday. Whoop.

Oh and on a similar note, my lovely friend Bekah shared this article with me. (click on title below to read)

For women, risk of depression falls as coffee intake rises

So the study doesn't prove cause and effect......but at least I can continue rationalizing the reasons for my coffee addiction.

Right?! (just let me believe it)

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