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It was a little hard to come back to reality after this weekend. We left Friday afternoon for Crow Wing State Park after shoving our hatchback with a cooler,tent,sleeping bags, and other random camping gear. What made this packing a little more interesting is that my bike also had to fit. We made it work, well Ben made it work...but off we went with a bike tire poking up between our heads in the front seats. After working up a sweat with our creative packing I convinced Ben we should probably stop at our local Starbucks to get a cool refreshment. One iced passion tea later and I was a happy traveler.

We only had to drive around 2.5 hours to get to our destination, and during this time we heard a few radio weather reports of the low being 32 degrees that night. This report seemed much more likely when we stepped out of our car to make a camping reservation and discovered we were no longer warm enough in only our t-shirts. 

The chill setting in was a great motivator in setting up our two tents. We gave the boys the smaller tent, and then claimed the larger tent for us three girls.... conveniently this was the only one big enough for an air mattress. Funny how that worked out. After the tents were set up, starting a fire became our next priority. My friend Bekah is an expert fire starter just in case you were wondering. 

Around 11pm or so we realized that the fire was no longer enough to keep us warm so we headed to our tents and sleeping bags. I think I slept in about 3 layers of clothing and a sleeping bag with another blanket on top. It took awhile to warm up but eventually the conversations dwindled and we fell asleep. Basically we left room to breathe, but other than that we were buried head to toe in blankets. 

The next morning the boys woke up around seven and had coffee ready for us by the time we crawled out of our sleeping bags. I guess it is hard to sleep in when you wake up on the cold ground....who would have guessed?

In the picture above you will see everyone smiling as Ellie pours our coffee. It looks incredibly cheesy, but I swear we truly were that happy for our hot cup of coffee. It ended up being a gorgeous day, filled with hiking for the girls and mountain biking for the guys. Thankfully the next night was a good ten degrees warmer. I love Fall camping. Okay enough words-here are more photos.


Do you want to know something rather interesting...?
Here I am loving Autumn and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 90 degrees. 
One last chance for shorts perhaps.

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  1. Britta-beautiful photos as always! Looks like you had a splendid time :).



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