Handmade Baby Blocks and Onsies.

 This was a project I completed over a month ago. In my rush to complete them before we left for our anniversary trip I remembered to take a few photos. Good thing I finished them too, because my nephew was born a few days later :) I enjoyed working on these simple projects, and had fun playing around with the bright fabrics. 
For the onsie appliques I ironed my fabric onto some interfacing and then cut out my design. I then ironed on the applique to the onsie and finally stitched around the edges to secure. There are quite a few tutorials online so I didn't worry about typing up another one. 

Now these blocks below took a little more time, but were still pretty easy to make. I used the following tutorial from Happy Together to make them.

It felt good to get back into my sewing. I have a few more projects in mind now that things are slowing down again, and schedules are actually in existence. 

Tonight I thought about starting a project but I ended up curling up on the couch watching a cheesy hallmark movie while sipping on coffee. Oh and there may have been some pumpkin bread involved as well...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful & cozy weekend too!


  1. um, adorable. you're sew talented. haha.

  2. Ernie and I love these handmade gifts! Thanks Auntie :)



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