An Early Birthday...

My lovely friend Bekah was in town so she helped us celebrate my Birthday a few days early...
complete with a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. 
Next up, was a Pumpkin Bundt Cake (recipe here), Vanilla Bean Ice Cream,and Champagne.
To be perfectly honest though we were all way to full from dinner so we actually lit the candles just to take photos. (um...twice...my camera's battery was dead the first time)
We then covered the cake and promised to devour it the following afternoon. (which we did).
It was delicious. 

Oh and we also fit in some remote control helicopter flying competitions, and party edition Pass the Pigs.
I couldn't have asked for a better evening. 
Thank you friends.
You make growing old easy ;)


  1. Great pictures :) I love the one of you and Bekah, looks like a quality night. PS- I miss "Pass the Pigs..."

  2. So fun :)

    I look especially short in the picture with you...



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