Pinterest on my mind.

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1. I love the whale photograph. Makes me think of my mom...she has always wanted to see a whale.
2. Paper flower tutorial....you can never have too many paper flowers. right?!
3. I like the colors in this room, and the frame with photos. 
4. Felt Ball Wreath (I know it's too early for Christmas Decor)
5. Apple Cheesecake bars. These don't look too bad. 

Oh Pinterest...


  1. i really love all the colors in that room as well! also that felt ball wreath is really cook! I haven't seen one like it before!

  2. Thanks for the whale pic! I really, really want to see whales :) Soon I hope! Was funny, Jordan sent me a link to a movie preview for a new whale movie coming out soon, right after I read this.
    Love you!



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