Minneapolis Restaurant: Cafe Ena

Last weekend we had the opportunity to try out this amazing restaurant in Minneapolis...Cafe Ena. It is described as a Latin Fusion Cuisine. The food was delicious. I am actually getting hungry just looking at the photographs again. 

we started out with some fresh guacamole...

I had this delicious fish entree...I don't even remember what it was called but my plate was quickly cleared.

I was spoiled furthermore when the meal ended with some coffee and churros served with cinnamon ice cream.

The restaurant has a great cozy atmosphere...

some city lights (out of focus) on our way home.

so good.

Well I'm off to enjoy my Saturday, and by that I mean fill up my coffee mug and read.


  1. i was hungry before i read this and now i'm practically starving. thanks a lot, britta.

  2. love the bokeh in the last photo! perfect!



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