The season for Sweetcorn

The last few days have been terribly hot and humid. I am usually fairly tolerable to weather like this, but in combination with too many trips up and down the flights of stairs the heat kicked my butt. When Sunday rolled around it was time to take a break on the organizing and spend some time with friends. After all, school started up again today so we thought we should have one last night to hang out. Of course a meal had to be involved so we decided on the high class meal of grilled hot dogs and cheddar brats. Ellie and Liz also picked up some corn, because as Ellie stated "sweetcorn season will be gone before we know it." We also made our first attempt at grilling the corn. I suppose I should mention that Ben finished constructing his new grill, and therefor most of our meals have been cooked with it. For those of you interested in trying to grill corn, you can google it and get numerous methods. We simply left the hulls on and soaked them in cold water for about 30 minutes. Then we threw them on the grill and let them cook for about 30 minutes, turning them occasionally. Some recipes have you peel back the husks and put butter, salt, and pepper on them before pulling the husks back on to grill them. We decided to keep it simple however and they still turned out delicious. We simply added our own butter and salt afterwards.We then followed up the meal with a nice conversation on flossing your teeth, ha.  It was such a nice evening, and I was quickly reminded how blessed I am to have such great friends. It is good to be home. Now I need to prepare myself for school to start. I really only have one class until I start student teaching so no complaints here. So here is to friends, summer, and grilling. Cheesy I know, but deal with it.

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