A Tuesday: Procrastination

So I think today was mildly productive.

I may have slept in til ten in the morning...but it was necessary after staying up til two organizing other things. So I slept guilt free and blissfully. After waking up and eating a bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios with my coffee, I began packing. Tote by tote. I have come to find that it is the random objects that take up the most space when moving. The random lamp that wont fit in any organized tote, or the hot glue gun for instance...where is the logical place to pack a hot glue gun. Because I know I will need it for some odd reason and then I will have to think back to what tote or box thoughtlessly tossed it into. My reason for placing it where ever it ends up will be lost a day from now. The same goes for my phone charger. I will certainly lose that.

When packing became tiresome I took one look at my dirty little dog and decided he needed a bath. ( I use the term "my dog" lightly because in all honesty he worships my mother and no one else) Perhaps my bathing him was more of a punishment for the negilence he has shown me this summer. He really did need a bath. Truly.

The photo was taken post-bath as he napped on the coach. He has a hard life to say the least.

Now the next item up for discussion..

my dresser. Long story short I purchased this dresser from a thrift store over a year ago. It sat in my apartment's garage for many months, until it then sat in a trailer for a few more months. It finally made it to my parent's garage, and Ben and I tackled the project of painting and refinishing it this week. I wish I would have took a "before" picture so you could see how terribly ugly (but full of potential) it was. Ben laughed when I told him I wanted to buy it. Now that it is finished however, he understands my need to buy it. At least I think so.

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