Let me tell you about my life.

Wow...I meant to post  earlier in the week but I have had a hard time sitting down at my computer this week. It was gorgeous outside for the most part and it was my last day of working with the kids. On Wednesday I worked at a big community carnival for kids. It was pretty warm out so I was thankful for any shade during my breaks. It the morning I was running the "Dino Dig" (aka Easter eggs with toys inside hidden in kiddie pools filled with sand) 

exciting? I know.

I had doubts that any kid would enjoy digging around in a few inches of sand (where is the challenge/fun it that). Boy was I wrong! These kids loved it because first of all it was practically an invitation to get covered in dirt, and you came away with a prize every time! haha. Perhaps it was my lack of excitement over plastic dinosaurs and little monster finger puppets that caused me to doubt the game's enticement. We had many repeat customers and I was thankful to switch to my next job for the day after spending four hours refilling eggs and burying them again. 

My next stop was face painting. The kids simply came up to us and told us what they would like on their faces and we did out best to oblige. 

Things I feel capable drawing on your face:
  • kitty
  • puppy
  • flower
  • butterfly
  • rainbow
  • baseball
  • football
  • basketball
Things that I DO NOT feel capable drawing on your face but attempted anyway:
  • a llama
  • an airplane
  • an entire ocean scene across your face
  • Lighting McQueen 
  • The Incredible Hulk (and by this I mean the kid wanted to look like the incredible hulk. He informed me he had this done at Disney World once. I did my best but also informed him that Disney World probably has better skilled face painters...on salary) I managed a green face.
  • pro wrestler masks
you get the idea...

It was a fun day but I was glad to put down my face paints and head home for the day. 

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