Felt Flower Wreath

Look what I made...

Remember the felt I mentioned earlier...? 
Well here is the result:

I was originally inspired to make this from pinterest....and then my sister made one. All of this spurred me to create one of my own (and it helps me rationalize my addiction to pinterest). Oh and if you notice the strands of hot glue on my wreath...ignore them. I was too eager to photograph my project and didn't notice them until now. This entire project was very easy and probably only took an hour max. I included the link to create the flowers below. I simply hot glued everything on the wreath to finish it off. Simple enough.

The original idea for how to create the felt flowers can be found by clicking here.

I am off to the cabin to spend the weekend with my family. It is also the official "dock/boat lift out party"...fun fun ;)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Super cute! Glad to have a visual ;)

  2. I don't even see the glue. I love your craftiness. I'm trying to imagine what my wreath would look like, and I think you'd definitely see the glue! That's why I stick to collages and other projects that are supposed to look messy, haha. Love you!

  3. Love this! I wish I was this crafty. I have been meaning to make a fall wreath forever now and I just need to get on it and do it! Thanks for the inspiration .

    I gave you an award on my blog today :)

  4. that looks amazing! wish i was that crafty! :)



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