Lazy Monday

I must admit I hit quite the blogging slump this past week, but I feel refreshed and ready to take it on again. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing-so I don't. Another big piece of it is that our internet service has been pretty touch and go lately, so sitting down to my computer would only have led to frustration. Tonight however, the internet is working smoothly so I thought I'd share with you a few pictures from my cozy day. I had the day off and Ben had the morning off too so we got a pretty slow start.

1. sheets of felt for a little project I am working on, more details tomorrow.
2. pumpkin spice candles that give off their Autumn aroma even when they are not lit.
3. the last batch of my Roma tomatoes from my little patio garden
4. fresh flowers from the husband brighten up the apartment
5. sipping on hot apple cider

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday as well.

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